25 April Fools Pranks That Will Leave You In Stitches. #3 Is Pure Genius!

If you've found yourself running low on material for this year's April Fools, look no further! We've got you covered.

Note: some of these could be dangerous, so we don't actually recommend that you do them. In fact, we recommend that you DON'T do them.

1) Plant a garden in your co-worker's keyboard 2) Replace someone's doorstop with an airhorn 3) Turn their windshield wipers into a rainbow-maker 4) Help them quench their thirst 5) Improve the scent of their room - zip it and run! 6) Replace their office gadgets with the latest and greatest 7) Corral their car with shopping carts 8) Make yourself a car seat 9) Paint the soap with nail polish and leave it in the shower 10) Infest their office with fake rats 11) Upgrade their seat to airhorn status 12) Out of toilet paper? 13) Ruin their can of Pringles 14) Want some hand purifier? How about some petroleum jelly instead 15) For that vain person in your life 16) Toothpaste Oreos (fluoride can be toxic, so definitely don't do this one) 17) Help them read the morning paper 18) Your colleagues can always use more balloons 19) Turn their car into a moving post-it note 20) Donuts + mayonnaise 21) Alternate use for that empty toilet paper roll 22) Soak cotton balls in water and leave them to freeze overnight 23) Caramel onions - a family favorite! 24) No one will steal their car now 25) Water, anyone? 26) Hide their office wares safely in jello

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Source: Bored Panda.


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