17 Appearance Tips That Every Gentleman Needs But Hardly Uses

Look your best, guys.

When it comes to grooming and style, some guys could use all the help they can get. After all, being a man doesn't exactly come with a manual on how to look awesome.

The good news is Business Insider got the ball rolling by creating an infographic about the important things that every guy must do to look sharp and we are adding more tips. Here are 17 grooming and style tips that will improve any guy's appearance: 


1. Washing your hair three times per week ... max.

While you were probably told as a young boy to wash your hair every day, it turns out that excessive shampooing can damage hair. No more than three times a week is recommended for shampoo, although wetting your hair is fine for everyday.

2. Know the different hair styling products.

Don't just use any hair product. You need to match the hair product to your hair type. For example, gel is used for thick hair and mousse is better for thin hair.

3. Short sides for balding guys.

Styling men's hair that is balding can be easy by keeping it short. Specifically, keeping the sides cropped close. The hair will blend in nicely.

4. Keep your eyebrows neat.

Often overlooked on a man's face, eyebrows are important. And when they are unkempt, a man's entire face can be damaged. Some at-home trimming of the eyebrows can make a big difference.

5. Moisturize after shaving.

Sorry guys, but your shave isn't over until your moisturize your face properly. The reason for this is to sooth, refresh and regenerate your skin to retain a healthy look.

6. Never use a clothes dryer.

It can be extremely harmful to use a dryer on your clothes. It turns out that a dryer will weaken the fabric's fibers. Plus, by avoiding the dryer, you save money.

7. Fold dress shirts correctly.

Nothing looks worse on a man than a wrinkled shirt. Every man must know how to properly fold dress shirts, especially when you are traveling and packing them in an overnight bag.

8. Only use certain hangers.

Throw out the wire hangers. Use cedar wood hangers. These hangers repel moths, absorb moisture and keep shirts looking good.

9. Know the different types of ties and knots.

The best thing that a guy can do when it comes to ties is to get different sizes. Then, guys should know that each tie has a corresponding knot that works best.

10. A blazer is your best friend.

Suits and sports jackets have their time and place, but a blazer is more versatile. A blazer is good for all non-formal situations and goes with many types of pants.

11. Get your pants hemmed.

Getting your pants hemmed is quick and usually inexpensive. Hemmed pants are good for shorter guys, compliment your figure and produce a heightening effect. Plus, it's better than dragging the bottom of your pants in the ground.

12. Match your belt with your outfit.

Sorry, but just because that belt fits you, doesn't mean it fits every style. Specifically, the belt should match the color of your shoes.

13. Avoid black leather shoes with jeans.

Black leather shoes are very stylish ... except with jeans. Save them for your dress pants.

14. Wear loafer socks.

Loafer socks are essential for all men. They are discreet, they protect your shoes and they help you avoid odor. For those reasons alone, you should always wear them.

15. Shine your shoes.

Over time, even if you take care of your shoes, they will get dirty. Shoe-shining services keep the quality of your shoes intact for a long time.

16. Clean shoes with leather soap and oil.

Winter can be damaging for many shoes. To clean up the mess, the top shoe-cleaning products are leather soap and oil because they add durability.

17. Insert shoe lifts for added height.

Looking taller, and thus powerful, can be easy thanks to lifts that you insert in your shoes. You might be able to add an inch or two to your height.

(H/T: Business Insider)

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