A Plus Set To Help Delete Blood Cancer At This Week's NewFronts

Keep an eye out for A Plus employees who will helping swab attendees waiting in line.

If you're going to be spending time in a line, what better way to use it than to try and save some lives?

This week, in partnership with Good Amplified, A Plus employees will be supporting DKMS's efforts to delete blood cancer by raising awareness and helping swab attendees of NewFronts events in New York City. If you're in line for an event, you can take a few moments to find out if you are eligible to be a donor — the first step to helping blood cancer patients get the life-saving donations they need.

DKMS is a nonprofit organization that gives doctors a hand in finding eligible bone marrow and blood transfusion donors. To make that happen, A Plus employees will be asking people who are waiting in line to swab their own mouths and submit a DNA sample that can be sent to a local lab. For the 70 percent of blood cancer patients who need donors outside their own family, these samples will increase the chance they find a match.

"At A Plus, we engage in positive journalism in order to facilitate positive change," A Plus CEO William J. Rouhana, Jr. said in a press release. "Sometimes we even attempt to initiate that positive change as we are doing at the NewFronts this year. We're excited to be able to help DKMS further their mission and to encourage people to to give back through an act as simple as swabbing."

If you happen to be at NewFronts, the entire process should take less than two minutes: you just fill out a form, swab your own cheeks for about a minute, and put your swab in an envelope. Then, we'll give you a sticker and a big thank you.

"We know storytelling is the most impactful tool in creating engagement and ultimately change so we chose to target the NewFronts," Amber J. Lawson, founder and CEO of Good Amplified, said. "DKMS is one of many partners in the Good Amplified network. We are excited to empower the NewFront attendees to be heroes by just standing in line and swabbing!"

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Cover photo: Shutterstock / connel.

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