Matt Damon Responds To Jimmy Kimmel's Vice Presidential Bid With The Perfect Attack Ad

“Can Jimmy Kimmel really be trusted?”


Just three months after announcing his campaign for the American vice presidency, late-night funny guy Jimmy Kimmel found himself the target of a ruthless attack ad launched by frequent guest Matt Damon.

Looks like that couples therapy didn't work out after all.

In what can only be called a conspiracy of Bourne-like proportions, a concerned-looking Kimmel took to the airwaves to show the ad, which features an undisguised and apparently unhinged Damon reciting rhetorical questions aimed at Kimmel's character.

"Can Jimmy Kimmel really be trusted?" Damon asks as quick cuts of Kimmel appear before leading to a montage of Damon's assorted humiliations on the show. "Time and time again, he has proven to be deceitful, duplicitous: a liar. Why does Jimmy Kimmel mislead people? Humiliate them? Physically assault them? Make them dress up as fruit for no reason?"

It was all in good fun, of course, set up to coincide with Kimmel's visit from Hamilton-quoting Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

Apparently not one to take rejection lightly, the interview had Kimmel asking the former secretary of state, "Were you looking for somebody who looks like he jumped out of the front row at a Jimmy Buffett concert?" in regards to her VP pick, Tim Kaine. 


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