Anti-Islam Protestor And Muslim Woman End Heated Argument Between Different Sides With A Hug


The effects of a hug are powerful, at least that was the case for an anti-Islam protestor and a Muslim woman outside of an Islamic center in Dublin, Ohio. 

A single protestor with anti-Islam signage, identified as Annie, stood outside the Noor Islamic Center when a one of the members came to the group's defense and asked her to explain her stance. 

"I have friends that are ex-Muslim that tell me very well what they stand for," she said. "I feel passionately because I see children getting raped and tortured, and it breaks my heart."

She's most likely referring to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS, but as statistics prove, they're in the minority. Not all Muslims or people of the Islamic faith commit terrorism.

The counter-protestor responded appropriately:

"I think it breaks everyones heart," he said.

The two engaged in debate until a woman wearing a hijab approaches Annie and hugs her. She was then invited inside the mosque and greeted with applause. 

"There's not evil in me," she says. "I pray for my Muslim bothers and sisters."

Now that's how it is done.

Watch the exchange below:


(H/T: Yahoo)


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