11 Anniversary Ideas For Couples Who Value Experiences Over Objects

Physical gifts are overrated.

Relationship anniversaries are a once-in-a-year occasion that you would just rather not mess up. If the thought of a typical wine-and-dine celebration followed by the flourish presentation of your gift does not inspire you, maybe it's time for a change. Instead of centering the day around the ultimate gift — which, let's face it, probably came up short — have you ever considered these 11 anniversary ideas that are experience-, not object-based?

Picking out the perfect gift can be difficult — yes, even for the love of your life — and even if you're thinking, "It's just an object, it's not a big deal," presents can tell a lot about how you perceive your significant other. That can either be a good or bad thing, but it's always a gamble.

On top of that, gifts can wear, tear, break and get lost amid all the other stuff, but once-in-a-lifetime experiences are things that people will hold dear to their hearts. And what better time to build memories with your partner than on your anniversary? Whether it's extreme sports like skydiving or a classic weekend getaway to the most picturesque nature locations, we've got you covered with these 11 ideas to make your next anniversary the most unforgettable of all.


1. Amusement park

Whether you brave the scariest rides, amusement parks are definitely where all the fun is had. Plus, there's nothing more festive than its carnival-like atmosphere.

2. Comic-Con or any expo

There are events catered to specific interests all over the world. A Latin music expo, for one, or the World Expo, or even the famous Comic-Con could be on your list.

3. Extreme sports

This one's for the fearless couple. Whether you pick skydiving, bungee jumping, Jet Skiing or kite surfing, there are a ton of activities for people just as adventurous as you and your significant other. 

4. Classes

Be it baking, screen printing or kickboxing, it's always the right time to learn a new skill. And it could be even more fun when you do it with a partner. 

5. Scuba diving

Scuba diving is something you don't get to do everyday. Plus, it's a great way to explore the ocean and could give the both of you a newfound sense of appreciation for nature. 

6. Weekend getaway

Who isn't ever up for a short, sweet vacation? Do you and your beau prefer the sunny sand and sea or a cozy cabin in the woods? Either way, it's a perfect break from the real world.

7. Art day

Make your anniversary a day to indulge in the finer things in life. Dress in the colors of your favorite painting, visit medieval art museums and contemporary art galleries — or even cat art-themed cafes — for an artsy, cultured day. 

8. Charity work

There's no better way to celebrate another year with your partner than to give back. Whether you both volunteer at an animal shelter or help clean your local park, it will be a day well spent. 

9. Flying

Take an aerial tour of your city and view your hometown from a completely different perspective. If one of you is scared of heights, even better. It's time to conquer that fear.

10. Build something

Nothing is more satisfying than taking in something you and your significant other built completely from scratch. 

11. Cemetery tours

If you're a couple that loves all things spooky, cemetery tours can be fun. History buffs, too, would enjoy this. 

Cover image via iStock / VILevi


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