Here's How You Achieve A Perfect Orgasm. Hint: It Doesn't Actually Seem That Hard.

Hmm ...

What's in an orgasm?


Apparently, a pretty precise formula. Sex toy and lingerie company Ann Summers conducted an independent survey of more than 1,000 women and 600 men, and with its results, put together a formula of how to achieve a perfect orgasm.

Almost all of the elements involved in reaching a climax are ones you would expect.

For women, it was a mixture of a glass of wine (24%), foreplay (24%), a vibrator (35%) and a long-term partner (45%), if applicable.

Ann Summers

Critically, the lack of stress is a big factor for women. According to the poll, 25 percent of women surveyed said stress was the reason for their inability to reach an orgasm.


The formula differed quite a bit from each gender, which isn't too surprising.

For men, the formula was a naughty film (35%), sex doggystyle (31%) and/or with a woman on top (21%), lubricant (11%) and a long-term partner (43%), if present.

Ann Summers

As anticipated, the biggest drawback for men during sex is too much alcohol. Twenty-four percent of male respondents said that one too many drinks can prevent them from achieving an orgasm.


The Ann Summers survey also found that other factors that hinder orgasms are being where other people are close (19%), interruptions from children (13%) and being too hot (12%). Conducted to celebrate the unveiling of its newest product, Moregasm, a company spokesperson told A Plus that they wanted to investigate the most effective methods adults used to climax.

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and reproduce (if you so please)!


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