You Simply Won't Believe This Next-Level Wedding Photography.

When little moments become infinite.

Wedding day. That day when everyone"s eyes are on you. That day, when every minute is infused with love and needs to be kept in memory. Photographer Jeffrey Lewis Bennett has found a creative way to help couples capture their magic moments. He creates beautiful animated wedding photographs full of dynamism and excitement.

It all started in 2011. Bennett was shooting a wedding for a couple in Chicago. Apparently, he and the groom shared a mutual love for GIFs so they decided to put all of the captured moments together and create an animated photograph. The outcome was eye-catching and eventually became Bennett"s signature style.

According to Bennett, "GIFs communicate the feeling of the infinite. Like how a great kiss can feel like it"s lasting a lifetime when the rest of the world spins on outside of your private moment." See more heartwarming moments on photographer"s website and Tumblr. (via Huffington Post)

Bennett comprises his GIFs entirely out of photos, not video.

It takes him 30 to 90 minutes to stitch the separate frames together.

Bennett"s sophisticated animated photographs are full of life and surprise.

Originally, Bennett was a full-time graphic designer.

He risked leaving the job for the wedding and engagement photography.

Now Bennett is happy to have plenty of clients who appreciate his work and love his creative ideas.


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