15 Animals That Turn Being Over It Into An Art Form

Nope, not today.

Summer's almost over, and we're feeling blah about it. Sure, we love pumpkin spiced everything and foliage and decorative gourds as much as the next person, but we're pretty bummed we didn't get to fight off a Sharknado or eat our weight in ice cream truck sprinkles like we promised ourselves we would back in June. These animals feel our pain, and they've made an art form of expressing their mid-week, end-of-summer blahs. Thank you, animals of the internet.


1. This dog is not feeling your dumb stairs.

2. "Bring the food closer, please."

3. The five second rule is renewable.

4. Not today, kitten. Not today.

5. When your species still isn't getting enough love.

6. Teeth deserve a workout too.

7. Sorry, this road is closed.

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8. So over those melting ice caps.

9. Buh bye.

10. When you're just gonna have to swing yourself.

11. Exercise has us like.

12. No interwebz. Not today.

13. Never waste honey.

14. We are that dog and that lamb is life.

Vicious lamb, lazy dog

15. Bye.


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