These 15 Animals Forgot Their True Identity, And It's Absolutely Hilarious

Silly dog, you are not a human. You are a dog!

The internet is full of silly pictures of animals doing things that you expect them to do: cats in boxes, dogs playing fetch, and turtles just turtlin'. Every now and again, though, there are animals who decide they would rather assume a new identity and act like a totally different species. 

Here are 15 animals who are trying on a new persona, with some hilarious results:

1. This bunny thinks it is a sheepdog. No, bunny, that's too silly!

The bunny has been watching the dog herding; now bunny thinks he can herd too

2. Dog, you are not a person! Get back on all fours!

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3. Tortoise, you are not a puppy! That is too adorable!

This turtle thinks he's a dog

4. Fawn, you're not a dog! That's hilarious!

I met him in the forest - he thinks he's dog ppl

5. Hey fox, you are a fox! You are not a dog!

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6. Cat, get out of that vase! You are not flowers!

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7. Cat, why are you playing fetch? You are not a dog!

This cat thinks it's a dog.

8. Doggie, you are not a cow! Quit being so funny!

He thinks he's a bull dog

9. Dog, you are not a mommy duck! You can't even quack!

Duck. Duck. Duck. Duck. Dog!

10. Silly dog, you aren't a bird! You don't even have wings!

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11. Lizard, you are not a dog! You aren't even a mammal!

He thinks he's a dog

12. Cat! You are not a turtle! Where is your shell?!

My cat thinks he is a turtle

13. Puppy, you so crazy. You are not that lamb's dad!

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14. Duck, you are not a cat! You don't even have whiskers!

This duck was really keen on cleaning the cat

15. Dog, you are not a cat! Quit looking so adorable in that box!

Silly dog thinks its a cat


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