11 Times The Summer Heat Was Too Much For Animals To Stand

Too. Hot.

We don't know about you, but summers in the city are the WORST. Not only does all the concrete and asphalt suck up heat, it holds it for hours, long after the sun has gone down, turning the night into sleepless hours of sweltering under blankets of miserable heat.

Even pets hate the heat. Take a look at these 11 photographs of animals trying to cool off. They may inspire you to think up some creative measure to stay cool until the fall returns.


1. Must live in the city.

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2. This dog's got the right idea.

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3. Don't judge. You just wish you had thought of it first.

Hot lazy days of summer.

4. That is one grateful squirrel.

This summer when it got so hot in Missouri, one woman started putting bowls of ice out for the squirrels in her yard.

5. Pool pooches.

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6. We're all in this together.

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7. This tiger knows summer lethargy.

A Tiger Cooling Off

8. So does this panda.

Panda cooling off


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11. Yes. It's a piglet eating ice cream.

Piglet staying cool in the summer heat

What do you do to keep yourself and your pets cool in the summer? Let us know or just send us a case of beer. Our office gets HOT.


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