Mystery Animal Caught In Well Gets Saved By Humans In Dramatic Video

What is it??

In a video posted by Animal Aid Unlimited, India we see an incredible moment caught on camera. At the edge of a well, people could barely make out a form struggling to get out. Luckily there were humans nearby to step in and help. Check out the dramatic moment unfold below: 


Here's the well. Upon first glance, you might not notice anything too unusual...

But take a closer look, and you'll see something out of place.

Still don't see it? Let's zoom in.

It's clearly an animal in need of some help. Luckily, there were rescuers nearby to step in.

After grabbing the animal out of the well, the rescuer brings it up to safety...

...revealing that the animal is a...


Watch the video below to see the rescue:

To help save the lives of animals in need, donate here. 

(H/T: ViralNova

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