15 Babies Who Are Already Best Friends With Animals

Now this is just too much.

Baby-pet friendships are incredibly important to us, and with good reason. Babies and tiny animals represent the best traits in just about any creatures: mushiness, roundness, funny sounds, and low entertainment requirements. Whether it's a baby who's inseparable from her cat friend or a toddler who's super pumped to meet Bambi, baby-animal friendships represent all we ever wanted from our interactions with living beings. Enjoy these babies friendshipping it up with the cutest pets in all the land.


1. Loaves on loaves.

2. How we feel inside.

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3. Some friendships are a bit one-sided.

cute overload...puppy bulldog and a baby

4. Mwah.

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5. World's tiniest inspector.

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6. Low-key scowls.

Petey meets Zach. its going well

7. Nap time is the best time.

My baby sister and her new kitten napping together. :)

8. Friendship is so delicious.

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10. Fwap.

9. Peek-a-boo.

The moment my baby boy realizes we have a puppy.
Warning Graphic: Puppy attacks baby

11. Scoot scoot scoot scoot.

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12. Like rolls in a bakery.

Cute baby with cute puppy

13. Best blanket.

My friend just had a baby and got a kitten... they seem to be getting along well.

14. No sliding door can hold back this love.

The forming of a special bond between puppy and baby.

15. Territory has been claimed.

Cute baby and puppy having playtime together.


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