Captivating Closeups Of Human Face Make Them Look Like Space Aliens

Don't call the "Men In Black" just yet.

South Africa-based photographer Anelia Loubser has created a set of eerie images that play games with the viewer's eye. Titled Alienation, her collection features black and white portraits shot from a very close distance and then flipped upside down to create a mysteriously new perspective on the human face.

Suddenly, the familiar becomes something totally different.

Anelia Loubser/Behance

Anelia says she is a quote-type of person — when she sees or feels something inspiring, she either comes up with an original quote or thinks of an existing one. Secondly, she has a habit from childhood to close one eye and tilt her head when something interesting appears. Idea for Alienation is truly a collision of these things:

"[O]n a random day ... I was playing with a friends face laying upside down, and I saw another, unfamiliar face. I closed my eye and tilted my head and I thought to myself: "that"s neat, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" (a quote by Wayne Dyer). From that moment my heart was sold on the idea," Anelia told A+.

Anelia Loubser/Behance

Anelia's goal is to invite people to change the way they look at things. Not only art, but everything and everyone around us, even oneself. According to her, beauty lies in everywhere, it's all depends on perspective if you will capture it.

Anelia Loubser/Behance

For her project she chose to photograph her favorite people so Alienation is a mix of family, friends, and inspiring local artists who inspire Anelia in her work. The photographer told A+ that her models were shocked to see the final result:

"There were certain stages of emotion involved. Firstly shock, they couldn't believe that this kind of alienated face can come from their foreheads. Then complete captivation and fascination, which replaced their frowns with bright eyes, big smiles and lots of laughter."

Anelia Loubser/Behance Anelia Loubser/Behance Anelia Loubser/Behance Anelia Loubser/Behance Anelia Loubser/Behance

On the same note — remember this guy?

Joaquin Forehead/YouTube

(H/T: PetaPixel)

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