Watch Gigi Hadid Get Wildly Competitive Against Jimmy Fallon During A Game Of Catchphrase

"He did it on purpose! He wasted the clock!"


Twenty-one-year-old Gigi Hadid made her debut on The Tonight Show last night and left quite an impression. The supermodel joined actor and comedian Andy Samberg's team for a game of Catchphrase. They played against host Jimmy Fallon and Washington Nationals player Bryce Harper. 

In Catchphrase, each person picks up a card with a word or phrase and describes or gestures clues so his or her teammate will guess the word. If you're the person doing the describing, you're also holding onto a buzzer. If the buzzer goes off during that round, your team loses. The first team to win two rounds wins it all. 

"I just want to say this is so fun, man. It's so great to be here with you guys," Samberg said. "I don't care who wins." 

"I do," Hadid said. "You have to care!" 

And, wow, did she. After the buzzer goes off in her hand during one round, she flips out. "He took too long," she yells, pointing at Harper. "He talked about mic drop for, like, three minutes!" 

See who ends up winning in the video above. 


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