Andy Grammer Buys Meal For Women Who Remind Him Of His Mom, Then Gives An Even Greater Gift

"I lost my son and really needed this."

While at breakfast in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, earlier this month, singer Andy Grammer noticed a table of elderly women and decided to do something nice for them. Little did he know it would turn into a moment worth so much more. 

In a post on Facebook, Grammer explains that he was sitting across the restaurant from five "super cute elderly ladies." Seeing them made him miss his mom, who passed away awhile back, he explains. Because of that, he felt "a strong urge to pick up there check."


"I don't know them and didn't want to bother them but I just did it. Then I was just gonna leave cause a lot of times it's better to just do nice deeds without asking for acknowledgment but something felt like I should tell them I missed my mom — like they might like to hear that," Grammer writes.

"So I walked over and said, 'you are five of the sweetest ladies I've ever seen, I lost my mom awhile back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I'm getting your check.' "

But then one of the women at the table asked for a hug. 

"'Come here, I lost my son and really needed this,' " she said to Grammer, per the post. "And then she gave me a mom hug I needed and I gave her a son hug she needed. We are all so connected."

After sharing the experience, it appears as though those five women have responded to Grammer's post: "Andy GrammerMargaretBetty Anne, Joan, Beth & I send our sincere appreciation to your for treating us to breakfast today at the Sea Ketch at Hampton Beach, NH (sic) Sending you lots of hugs. Your Mom sent you to us today," Mary Conant writes on Facebook, attaching a photo of the women. 

"Love this! What a sweet story!" another person comments on Grammer's post.

"Beautiful! I lost my 3-year-old 5-and-a-half years ago, and often, I find myself paying for others meals/tickets in line in the drive-thru, wherever I may be when I think of him," another person writes. 

We love that Grammer's small act of kindness inspired such a powerful moment, and we hope that others feel encouraged to do the same for someone today.

(H/T: Today)

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