Two Years Ago, His Response About Going To School Went Viral. Now, He's Answering The Same Question Again.

"Are you going to miss your mommy?"

Going back to school is emotional. It's the sad realization that summer is coming to an end, there are lots of lessons to get through, and no more playing outside during the day. But the start of school can also be exciting because it promises new skills and the chance to make new friends.

Andrew Macias was one student who perfectly expressed these conflicting emotions on his first day of pre-kindergarten at City Terrace Elementary School, in his interview with KTLA two years ago.

When reporter Courtney Friel asked him if he was going to miss his mommy on the first day of Pre-K, the then-4-year-old replied, "No" before breaking down into tears.

His heartfelt and relatable reaction went viral, and the video was viewed over 19 million times. 

Since then, KTLA reports that Andrew was invited onto "Tosh.0" and the original video footage even appeared in an eBay commercial. It has also inspired countless memes that helped make Andrew Internet-famous.

For back-to-school 2017, KTLA and Friel caught up with Andrew and asked him the same question again.

In the new video, the 6-year-old talks about the impact the original clip has had on him, and how he sometimes gets recognized for it. 

When Friel asks Andrew how it feels to be "the most famous kid in America," he simply responds, "Good."

He also reveals that he's excited to go into the first grade, and he thinks his teacher will recognize him.

And when asked if he will miss his mom when he goes back to school this year, Andrew has a different response than last time.

He answers, "Yes," before breaking out into a big smile.

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