This Guy Created A Groovy Song Using Instruments Built Of LEGOs

Kick drum, snare drum, and shaker — oh my!

Who says you need professional equipment to make a sick, club-ready beat? Andrew Huang, the guy who wowed us with fidget toys music, continues to prove that you can make sweet sounds with anything — even instruments made of LEGO pieces.

To start us off, Huang shows us with a LEGO-inspired guitar created by a friend as the centerpiece of the whole video. It is at this point we learn our Word of the Day: "luthier." Merriam-Webster defines this term as "one who makes stringed musical instruments" (such as violins or, you guessed it, guitars).

"Obviously, I'm going to play this for you and show you how it sounds, but I also thought I should accompany it with other LEGO instruments," Huang, who famously played "99 Red Balloons" on actual red balloons, says in the clip. "So I'm going to attempt to build a LEGO kick drum, snare drum, and shaker. Let's go!"

Using an assortment of LEGO pieces, Huang crafts unique structures to mimic a kick drum (making it big and hollow), a snare drum (making it shallow and with pieces on top that will result in sharp noises when hit), and a shaker (making a small and enclosed item with tiny LEGOs inside to rattle when, well, shaken).

With everything built, Huang gets to making the song. He layers each of the LEGO instruments alongside that epic-looking guitar, creating music you would never was created from simple LEGO pieces.

Watch the LEGO action for yourself here:


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