"F*ck it, I Quit" — Woman Leaves Job On Live Television

Now this is how you take a stand.

Charlo Green knows how to go out with a bang.

As a stand for legalization of marijuana, the KTVA anchor from Alaska quit her job live on the air with one f-bomb and a timely confession about her position as the owner of the Alaska Cannabis club.

"And as for this job," Green says. "Well... not that I have a choice, but, f*ck it, I quit."

In the video below, you can see a longer version of the clip where — moments before quitting — Green reveals that she is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

On her Indiegogo page, she explains her departure.

"I just quit my news reporting job on live TV to announce that I am redirecting all of my energy toward helping to end a failed drug policy that has ruined the lives of far too many Americans," Green says. "Ballot Measure 2, the initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Alaska, isn't just about marijuana in the Last Frontier, it's about keeping the ball rolling on NATIONAL legalization."

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