This Woman Is A Vaginal Weightlifter. Here's What She Can Do.

Holy cow.

There's a common belief that vaginas, like women, are delicate little things. Maybe it comes from centuries of patriarchal oppression or the simple misunderstanding of a taboo part of female anatomy, but that perception has shaped how we talk about vaginas in our culture. 

Life and sex coach Kim Anami wants to change that belief with a personal project called Vaginal Kung Fu. On her Instagram page, Anami posts photos of herself in various stretching poses, with one interesting trick — her vagina lifts various objects off the ground from a string. 


That's right, Anami is a vaginal weight lifter.

Anami does the seemingly impossible by tying the string attached to these items on a jade egg, then inserting them into her vagina. 

The sex guru travels around the world and captures these photos at beautiful locations, then posts them on Instagram with the caption #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina. The project, she told A Plus via email, "involves me traveling the world, lifting objects indigenous to various regions, with my vagina, to demonstrate just what a healthy, powerful vagina can do."

Here's what exactly she's capable of lifting.

Really heavy things, like a coconut.

Or a surfboard.

How about a coconut frond basket to go with that?

Or some fruit, like this pomegranate.

A bunch of bananas.

Rambutans, anyone?

Also, dragonfruit.


Packaged herbs called "Sex Dust."

An Oscar statuette (that we assume is an imitation?).

A giant seashell.

And, of course, weights.

Anami told A Plus that her goal is to show women how to become more in tune with their vaginas and what they're truly capable of. "Vaginal Kung Fu is a method I teach for women to physically train and emotionally reconnect to their vaginas, so they become more in tune with their sexual energy," she wrote. 

Strong pelvic muscles have been proven to increase sexual pleasure and libido, as well as protect against urinary incontinence. A healthy vagina, Anami said, is achievable for all women. "I want every woman to know that she, too, can shoot Ping-Pong balls from her vagina," she added. "It's not just a skill set reserved for some special Thai vaginas."

If still seems incomprehensible to you, here's Anami's interesting take on it: "It's like yoga. For your vagina."

Learn more about Vaginal Kung Fu here.


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