This Poet Was Told To ‘Speak American,’ So She Decided To Respond In Two Languages

On being bilingual.

To Anacristina Chapa, words are powerful –– no matter what language you speak.

The young poet recently performed her own spoken word piece, called "On Being Bilingual," at Write About Now Poetry's slam in Texas. The organization focuses on empowering poets to use their voice and perform original work at open mic nights in the local area.

In English and bits of Spanish, Chapa discusses how she thinks people are wrong for trying to force everyone to speak English. Instead, she embraces her ability to use interchangeable language in her day-to-day life.

And while she's accentuating these dual-speaking abilities in her piece, she backs it up with scientific facts that include being a better problem solver, multitasker, and writing "bomb ass poetry."

Chapa also doesn't shy away from responding to President Donald Trump's mission to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

"My bilingual tongue says fuck your wall," she said.

She later references Trump and the rising amount of racism in America when saying, "I suggest you keep your whitewash out of everybody else's vibrant sea, because I assure you, we have a song in our chest so loud that not even today's presidency could silence it."


Watch Chapa perform "On Being Bilingual" below:

(H/T: Vibe)

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