Watch: Amy Winehouse Recording "Back To Black" For The First Time Is Chilling

What an incredible talent.

Amy, the documentary about singer Amy Winehouse, who died suddenly in 2011 at the age of 27, comes out in theaters this Friday. Filmmaker Asif Kapadia released this stunning clip, which makes available for the first time footage of Winehouse first recording "Back to Black," one of her best-loved singles. Winehouse, with producer Mark Ronson, wrote the song about her relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Blake Civil-Fielder. The singer was just 24 years old when she recorded "Back to Black," but it's already abundantly clear in the video how talented and original she was. The clip starts out a cappella, allowing us to hear Winehouse's unique tone, before laying the backing track on top. The process illustrates to those watching how Ronson actually put the song together.

Looking back on this video now, and knowing that Winehouse would pass away just four years later, makes the song all the more chilling. After she finishes the take, Winehouse remarks, "Oh, it's a bit upsetting at the end, isn't it?" She could have been speaking about her life and career as a whole.

"Back to Black" was one of Winehouse's final singles. She released two more after: "Tears Dry on Their Own" and "Love is a Losing Game," all of which were on her second and final album, also titled Back to Black.


Watch the video of Winehouse and Ronson recording “Back to Black” here:

Though Amy has been much anticipated by Winehouse's fans, her father, Mitch Winehouse, disputes the picture Kapadia paints both of his daughter and his family. He appeared on the British talkshow Loose Women to announce he will be creating his own, rival film about Amy. "Anybody who was involved with Amy in the last three years of her life are not in the film," he said. "This nonsense about Amy being left alone for the last three years of her life is incredibly insulting. She had a lovely boyfriend, she had wonderful friends — they're not in the film." He also said that, though he and Amy's boyfriend at the time of her death, Reg Traviss, both did many interviews with Kapadia, nearly all of them were left out of the final cut.

Amy opens in theaters on July 10.


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