Amy Schumer's Response To A Strange Tweet Is Of Epic Proportions

No shame.

If you're anybody else, you're going to probably ignore or take offense to a tweet comparing you to the woman in the iconic "American Gothic" painting. But Amy Schumer isn't anybody else. 

Someone on the Intetwebs had tweeted at her a picture of the couple in the portrait, saying that she had found where Schumer's ancestry line stemmed from.


 Then they tweeted #NoDisrespect. Now, if you have to tweet #NoDisrespect, you're usually disrespecting. She could have ignored the tweet. But naturally, Schumer had an even better idea. 

She responded with this.

And in one fell swoop, she used humor to diffuse what was an awkward situation and even got the Art Institute to plug its work. 

Well done, Amy.


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