Amy Schumer Offers The Perfect Response To The Plus-Size Label

No need for labels.

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Tuesday. While they spoke about numerous topics, and they even played a game, the topic of Schumer having a plus-size label came up.

Last week, Glamour magazine called Schumer one of the "plus-size women that inspire us." While most plus-size clothing starts at size 16, Schumer considers herself between sizes 6 and 8.

"I love Glamour magazine," Schumer told Fallon. "Honestly, they've been so nice to me. They've done so many great things for women."

For Schumer, the real issue is the plus-size label in our society.

While there seems to be an acceptance today for models of different sizes, the plus-size label is being thrown around too loosely. Plus-size models averaged between sizes 12 and 18 a decade ago, and today's plus-size model average is between 6 and 14. All of these changes are occurring even though the average woman's size in the U.S. is 14.

The result of moving the plus-size label down to a size 6 includes more body shaming and the harmful impact of body negativity on women.

That is why Schumer had a special message about the plus size label on The Tonight Show.

"What I've learned is that people really don't like being classified by plus-size," she told Fallon. "We don't need these labels. We don't need 'em. It should just say what size you are."

The audience loudly applauded Schumer's comments.

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