We Blushed Watching Amy Schumer And Goldie Hawn Face Off In A Game Of Never Have I Ever

Somehow, Kurt Russell was the MVP.

You probably wouldn't expect Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn to best comedienne Amy Schumer in the naughty department — but that's what happened when the two played a hilarious game of Never Have I Ever with Ellen DeGeneres, and we learned quite a bit about them.

Then again, it was really Kurt Russell who Hawn blamed as being the source of the fun.

With paddles reading "I Have" and "I Have Never" in hand, DeGeneres read out situations to see if she or her guests have ever done them. The situations are taking naked selfies, dancing on tables for money, getting tattoos you regret, and performing sex acts but having the police catch you — so, yeah, pretty taboo things.

We won't get into their answers — you should definitely listen to them yourself and LOL — but let's just say that Hawn and Russell are certainly adventurous. Schumer, who usually makes headlines for tongue-in-cheek comedy, comes off surprisingly tame compared to Hawn.

Check it out for yourself:


Elsewhere in the episode — which was a Mother's Day celebration and had an audience filled with expecting moms — we got to hear more from the Snatched stars as they dished about filming their new movie together, as well as how they met for the first time (and the moment Schumer's dad met Hawn, too).

Let's just say that it'll be hard not to giggle at the two's comments about their co-star Wanda Sykes, Russell's friendship with Schumer, and Hawn's emotions when discussing the audience full of soon-to-be moms.

Can we get like a million more movies starring these two ladies? Please and thank you.

(H/T: E! Online)


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