This Game Is Perfectly Gross, And You Should Play It With Your S.O.

Do you think you could last?

Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge: we'd like to introduce you to the "Amy Schumer challenge."

In a hilarious clip from a hilarious couple, PK Creedon and his boyfriend Mike Van Reekum explain and then execute one of the funniest stunts we've seen in a while. They call it the "Amy Schumer challenge," and it's essentially a game of self control: Sit across from someone, put a whole ton of water in your mouth, and then listen to Amy Schumer stand-up and try not to spit up everything in your mouth. 

"Amy Schumer is hilarious, that's a no brainer," Creedon told A Plus. "But she's more than just words in a stand up skit, she inspires everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. We wanted to celebrate her Emmy win, so we put our own little spin on a popular youtube challenge video — Innuendo Bingo — and made up the Amy Schumer Challenge. It's tough. Like seriously. You have to try it."

And once you see the video, you'll understand why. Not only does it look like a legitimate challenge, but it looks like legitimate fun. Plus it's an excuse to spit water all over your partner, and who would pass that up?


Check out the video below:

Mike Van Reekum works with A Plus.


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