Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Answer The Top Google Questions About Themselves With Hilarious Lies

"Just proving once again the internet is an amazing resource and tool."

In what is sure to be one of the summer's best comedies, The House, Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell star as a married couple who lie to loved ones while starting an illegal casino in the basement. And, in real life, these two stars are proving that they're pros at fibbing by answering the top-searched Google questions about themselves in Wired's Autocomplete Interview series with hilarious untruths.

Poehler and Ferrell, both Saturday Night Live alums, joined forces to answer all of our lingering queries — you know, the ones that didn't make it into their BuzzFeed interview with puppies — and supplied us with the best pieces of "fake news" we've heard in quite some time.

Here are some of our favorite responses from these two comedians — with some truth in parentheses when needed:

• Is Amy Poehler dating Rashida Jones? "Yeah," she answers. (This, of course, is not true. But they are besties from Parks & Rec!)

• When was Will Ferrell born? "I was born July 16, 1980," he responds. (Google says Ferrell was born in 1967 — but he got the day correct!)

• When did Will Ferrel die? "He died in a hang gliding accident as was actually falsely reported," he answers. (Ferrell, of course, is alive and well. This was, though, an internet hoax and spoof of a famous Wedding Crashers scene.)

• What sorority was Amy Poehler in? "Kappa Cappuccino," they suggest. (This is not real but sounds like a delicious Greek-inspired coffee.)

• What is Amy Poehler's address? "69 Butthole Ave," she responds. (We do not know Poehler's actual address — but it's also definitely not "222 Funny Town Lane" as Ferrell answers.)

• What is Will Ferrell's email? "," he suggests. (This is not an actual email address but that won't stop us from sending fan mail.)

In one of the last questions, Ferrell asks for the tale of how Poehler and Tina Fey met. What follows is one of the craziest — and obviously false — stories out there. You're going to have to just watch and hear for yourself, though.


For the full video interview with Poehler and Ferrell, watch here:

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