Amy Poehler And Will Ferrell Try Answering Fan Questions And Playing With Puppies At The Same Time

This is an awesome interview.

While an interview with Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell is bound to be great, an interview with the entertainers and puppies will inevitably be even better. 

In a recent video from BuzzFeed, Poehler and Ferrell — who star together in the film The House — answer fan questions while playing with a bunch of rambunctious puppies. 

First up, one fan asks for Poehler and Ferrell's funniest stories from their days on Saturday Night Live

"When Will was there, it was my first year, so I was still trying to figure out where the bathrooms were," Poehler says. "I never did, I just always went where I stood." 

Later, someone else asks what the stars would do if they switched bodies for a day. 

"If I were Amy, I would love to buy an economy ticket on any airline and pretend like it was a king-size bed," Ferrell adds.

Meanwhile, puppies are everywhere, and Poehler admits it's incredibly hard to concentrate. So, if you need a good laugh — from some of the best comedians in the game — check out the full video below:


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