Watch Amy Adams And Jimmy Fallon Use Mystery Microphones To Sing Using Ridiculous Sound Effects

It's so bad, it's good.

Jimmy Fallon is known for playing some of the best talk show games on The Tonight Show. From "Password" to "Musical Impressions," we always love to see what he has in store for his celebrity guests. 

Actress Amy Adams stopped by the show to talk about her role in Batman v Superman and, to our delight, Fallon decided to break out a brand-new game for her. 

The new game, "Box of Microphones," is fairly simple but extraordinarily entertaining. Each person draws a card that has a song title on it. He or she will have to sing that song using a microphone with a surprise vocal effect. Each microphone is different and the player has no idea what it'll sound like until singing into it.

Adams took Rihanna's "Work" to a whole new confusing level and makes her performance extra special by dancing along in her seat. Fallon sings Justin Bieber's "Sorry" by channeling his inner chipmunk. They finish off with a duet that sounds so wrong, it's right. The very different musical styles from their mystery microphones don't fit together at all, and it kind of hurts to listen to. 

But we loved every second of it anyway. 


Check it out for yourself in the video below:


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