This Girl Just Ran Naked Through A Plaza For Free Tuition (NSFW)

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices.

Warning: The video above contains partial nudity and explicit language.

Education is important. So important, in fact, that some people will do crazy things to get one.

As part of a contest with Radio 538 in Amsterdam, a student named Sabine did one of those crazy things: she took a naked lap through a public plaza.

Sabine was one of three finalists that was issued a challenge, which in this case was her naked lap. She will be featured on the radio station's website where people can vote for their favorite student. If she wins, the station will pay for one year of her tuition.

The overwhelming price of tuition has been well documented, and perhaps Sabine is an appropriate anecdote to represent just how desperate people are to cut costs. That, or she just saw an opportunity to do something fun and cut costs on her tuition at the same time. After all, she does look like she's having a pretty good time.

As if the naked lap itself wasn't enough, Sabine finishes things off by completing another more popular challenge.

It's worth noting that public nudity in Amsterdam is a bit more accepted than public nudity in, say, the United States. Still, Sabine's lap took some guts, and as long as she's happy we're happy, too.

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h/t: Right This Minute


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