This Bigot Thought He'd Found A Friend In A U.S. Soldier, But He Was Wrong

A reminder that in America, liberty is for everyone.

In this video by the popular ABC show "What Would You Do," an actor begins a tirade of bigoted harassment against another actor portraying a Muslim worker in a local sandwich restaurant. The rest of the people present have no idea that hidden cameras are rolling and the the situation is a set-up.

For the most part, people are justifiably outraged at the young man's behavior. You can rewind the video to see all of it. One man, however, is more than a little angry about it. He stands up for the worker.

That man is a United States soldier.

Strive to live up to his example of what it means to stand for "liberty and justice for all."

H/T: SF Globe.

For information on how to help returning vets, please visit Heroes Project.

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