Watch These American Kids Taste-Test Exotic Desserts From Around The World

They get their hands on South American pionono, Mediterranean baklava, and British banoffee pie.

Whether it be trying coffees from around the world, taste-tasting 100 years of Christmas desserts, or exploring 57 different career paths, we never get tired watching kids try new things for the first time. 

The latest installment of Cut's video series "American Kids Try" is certainly no exception. The kids sit down at the table with their eyes closed and each time they open them, they're served a different dessert from around the world. They get an opportunity to taste-test South American doughy pionono served with fruit, banana-and-toffee-filled British banoffee pie, and a bowl of deep-fried Indian gulab jamun balls topped with almond slivers. 

The kids have adorably mixed reactions to the foods on their plates — and we commend them for being unafraid to eat foods they've never seen before. Considering we've never had the opportunity to eat most of these desserts, we'd love to taste-test them ourselves. 

Check out the video below. 


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