Only One Sister Was Supposed To Audition For 'American Idol,' But They're Both Moving On

Sister, sister!

When these sisters walked into the American Idol audition room, only one of them was supposed to be singing for the judges while the other accompanied on the guitar. But, when all was sang and done, both walked out with golden tickets to Hollywood.

Taryn Coccia, 17, had a moment in the spotlight in front of Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan with sister Payton Taylor, 20, on the guitar. After Taryn performed a soulful rendition of Jessie J's "Masterpiece," the judges were curious if Taylor wanted to audition as well. Taylor, who was initially taking a backseat to let Coccia shine, agreed and blew everyone away with John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery."

When asked why she didn't come in to compete at the start, Taylor said she was there to support her sister because Taryn had prepared for American Idol. Essentially, she was taking a backseat and letting her little sister have a chance to shine.

Perry aptly pointed out that Taryn sounds like a pop singer and Payton is more of a country singer, and said they should judge the sisters — who are both airport singers — as separate entities. For Taylor, it was three quick yeses from the judges. As for Coccia, Perry said she needed a little bit more time and gave a no. Richie and Bryan, on the other hand, must think that it's her time because they said yes.

The sisters emerge from the audition room with two golden tickets in hand, celebrating the fact that not one but both of them are moving on. And, as they note before the clip ends, they'll always be sisters but there's nothing wrong with a little competition.

Sisterhood — and pure musical ability — is very strong with these two.

Watch it all unfold for Taryn and Payton here:

Cover image via Mark Levine / ABC


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