7 Things Americans Living In China Want You To Know

The realities of living in China.

An expat, or an expatriate, is someone who lives outside their native country for a career, retirement or to fulfill a personal dream. Imgur user Rutou, an American residing in China, shared his incredible experiences of living in a different country. His story is a fresh reminder of how unique China is.

Here are seven interesting details about his expat story in China.


1. Where he lived.

Welcome to China.

2. His job.

How do you make a living?

3. The very real pollution.

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4. Being white (he's a model in China).

It's not hard being white.
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5. Getting the hang of the language.

How's your Chinese?

6. His dating life.

Girls are crazy for white boys. Being here ups your game about 300%, plus an extra 300% if you speak Chinese.

7. The cuisine.

Dog tax


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