Selfless Little Girl Asked Make-A-Wish To Help Her 'Take Care Of The World'


Amelia Meyer could have wished for anything. She could have met her favorite celebrity, traveled somewhere fun, been awarded unlimited candy — but instead, she opted to go clean a park. Yes, you read that right: an 8-year-old wanted to spend her Make-A-Wish moment doing something selfless and good for the environment. 

According to The Prairie Village Post, Meyer was diagnosed with brain cancer in December. Janet Parmer, her third grade teacher, told the local publication that the little girl's interest in the park was sparked when she began visiting it with her grandmother during treatment.

"It doesn't look nice and another reason is because it can stay dirty and it can get animals sick," Meyer told CBS News

Although Meyer makes her decision sound simple, it was a surprise — and an inspiration — to everyone. Thanks to local Kansas City organizations, the event had quite the turnout. The fire, police and parks departments, along with hundreds of volunteers, showed up to support Meyer and work to clean the park.

"I thought there was just going to be some people, not this much," Meyer told CBS News.

Touched by her wish, Mayor Sly James proclaimed February 27, 2016 "Amelia Meyer's Take Care Of The World Day." 

People all over the country have joined in the fun by sharing photos of themselves cleaning up with the hashtag #AmeliasWish. Want to join in? Leave your pictures in the comments.

Cover photo: Rob Kim / Getty Images.


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