13 Sushi Rolls So Beautiful You Might Forget To Eat Them


We usually have mixed feelings about food art since it makes us feel kind of bad about completely massacring really dainty meals. Yes, it's really pretty and creative, but do we really need extra guilt added to our day because some barista decided to painstakingly recreate Starry Night in our latte? These sushi creations by bento artists Shirley Wong and Takayo Kiyota are so good though that we can't help loving them. We especially like that many feature cute animals, which heightens the drama when we make dinosaur sounds while chomping on adorable bunnies' rice-filled faces. Check out the creations below to decide which masterpiece you'd like to decapitate the most.

1. Roses.

2. Hens.

3. Toy Story Aliens.

4. Bunnies!

5. Mt. Fuji.

6. Seal lions.

7. Totoro, your neighbor.

8. A rice "noodle."

9. More bunnies to chomp.

10. Girl with a Pearl Earring.

11. S. Claus.

12. Russian dolls.

13. Olaf.


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