17 Photos That Will Make You Feel Like You Stepped Into A Time Machine

What in the world?

British novelist L.P. Hartley once wrote, "The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." Old photos prove that beautifully, while often still showing what neat continuity there is in people's behavior across generations. It's amazing that a lot of these photos exist, and it definitely makes us wish we had a time machine right about now.


1. Gotta learn to swim somehow.

Boys with no access to water learning how to swim.

2. The largest black sea bass ever caught, 425 pounds.

1903, The World Record for biggest black sea bass caught by Edward Llewellyn, alone. It Weighed in at 412lbs!

3. The only known person to ever be hit by a meteor.

1954, Moody Jacobs shows giant bruise on his patient Ann Hodges, the only person in history to ever be struck by a meteorite.

4. Unimpressed political execution victim in Berlin, 1919.

1919, German Soldiers murder a communist in Munich.

5. Old Stockholm telephone tower connecting 5,000 phone lines.

1890, The Telerfontornet connecting over 5,000 phone lines in Stockholm.

6. Early football helmet tests.

A man testing a prototype of a football helmet in 1912

7. Ku Klux Klan at a Colorado carnival in 1925.

1925, The Klu Klux Klan at a carnival in Canon City.

8. Before Tinder.

The traditional way to court women apparently.

9. World War II soldier suffering shell shock.

The severe effects of shellshock, now known as PTSD on a WWII soldier.

10. 1920s lifeguard/Freddie Mercury look-alike, ready to swim with his belt and keys.

1920’s lifeguard on the coast.

11. Gas masks being used to avoid onion tears.

1941, Soldiers put their gas masks to good use whilst peeling onions to stop them from crying.

12. Disneyland lunch break, 1961.

1961, Disneyland Employee Cafeteria.

13. The most dramatic duck hunting gun we've ever seen.

These ‘Punt Guns’ were banned in 1860. They were made for duck hunting and supposedly had the potential to kill 50 birds in one

14. Suntan to go.

1949, technically the first spray tan; an actual suntan vending machine!

15. Japanese samurai.

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16. Ronald McDonald in his early days/our nightmares.

Historical photo: The original Ronald McDonald played by Willard Scott

17. Women delivering ice, 1918.

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