8 Amazing Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

One job pays $20,000 an hour.

There was a time when a good job meant working in some corporate office. These days, you don't have to be behind a desk to land a successful career. The internet has changed the landscape a lot, and has opened up space for new and exciting jobs

Because of how much access we have to information and people around the world, your career goals can be pretty boundless. You could even be an entrepreneur without owning any physical assets at all  — in fact, for some people, such as social media celebrities, they, themselves, are the business. Also, amazing jobs that allow you to travel while working aren't just limited to photojournalists anymore. For example, vloggers and bloggers can work in a variety of fields anywhere in the world and still successfully cater to their audience — and earn a darn decent living. The path to a job you love doesn't have to be blocked by a resume or application. With the right strategy, you can successfully pursue your passion through more alternative and independent careers

There has never been a time that celebrates creative jobs and careers like today. You might even be surprised at the kind of jobs and careers that we now know (and apply for) that didn't exist 10 years ago. Fun jobs in tech, like data science, social media management, and cloud servicing, are just a few jobs you wouldn't find on a job board in 2008. Read on for a list of jobs college couldn't have prepared you for a decade ago.


1. Influencer

This is probably one of the most coveted jobs within the last several years. But the thing is, you can't actually apply for it. Your career as an influencer is all in your hands — and your follower count. According to Forbes, Influencers with 1 million followers can earn up to $150,000, that number skyrockets to $300,000 for Influencers with 7 million followers. People who have high social capital on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have become the face of big brands, activism, and social movements. Being a social media personality is like being a celebrity and a "regular person" at the same time. They are accessible yet still famous. Instead of movies and tv shows, influencers star on your phone screen. 

2. Social Media Manager

Ten years ago, social media was generally limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace and almost exclusively used as a way to network with friends and family. Now, it's become a source for news and a tool for marketing. With social media being a key factor in marketing and publicity, it makes sense major brands are hiring people to manage their accounts. Crafting retweetable tweets and generating traffic is no easy feat and can earn you a median salary of $48,000 a year.

3. Uber Driver

It's hard to imagine not being able to catch a cab at the click of a button. Uber, or any other peer-to-peer ridesharing app, is not only convenient but has become a great way to help drivers earn extra cash. The sharing economy is booming and gives people the freedom to make money using their own resources. As for how much Uber drivers make, the company states that it is really up to how often the driver uses the app. 

4. Virtual Assistants

If you want to make a quick buck, download one of the many virtual assistant apps and get to work. Business professionals and start-ups are hiring assistants who can help them in-office or remotely. Virtual Assistants can do admin work online or can fulfill errands via mobile requests. Apps and websites like TaskRabbit and UpWork are great tools for business owners to hire contractors and freelancers to make extra cash. Virtual assistants can be paid hourly or by task. Glassdoor reported that a Virtual Executive Assistant can earn up to $57,000 a year.

5. App Developer

New apps are popping up every day. It's no surprise that app development jobs are very common these days. But it's not just about creating a new addictive game for your phone. App Developers also test and programs applications for an array of devices. It's definitely one of the more creative jobs in tech. The salary is pretty nice too, the average base pay is $75,000 a year.

6. Drone Operator

Although drones were invented over ten years ago, it's only been in the last decade that big companies such as Amazon and Facebook are opting for drones as a mode of delivery.  With such a demand for Drone Pilots or Operators, the salary is quite high — ranging from $50/hr to $100,000 annually. The drone industry is likely to grow within the next 10 years. 

7. Airbnb Host

Working from home means something completely different than it did 10 years ago. Now with  share economy opportunities like Airbnb, people can make money by renting out their homes. For some Airbnb hosts, it's a nice way to make extra money, but for others it's a full-on business that rakes in a six-figure salary.

8. Millennial Advisors

Probably the strangest (and most likely to be short-lived) job on this list is Millennial Advisor. Companies like HBO, Coca-Cola, and Red Robin are hiring people to advise them on how to market and cater to the current twenty-something generation. According to Cosmopolitan, some of these large companies are paying top dollar for just an hour of a Millennial expert's time — we're talking more than $20,000 an hour. 

Cover image via  Jacob Ufkes on Unsplash

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