This Beautiful Girl Is Posting Her Road To Recovery From Anorexia On Instagram, And It Is An Inspiration

And inspiring journey

With the focus of much weight-related talk centered around the obesity epidemic, it's easy to overlook those on the opposite side of the spectrum, those who are starving themselves.

Amalie, a 20-year-old student from Norway, is in recovery from an extended battle with anorexia, and is sharing the experience with others. Her Instagram account is one part food blog, two parts body positivity, and 100% inspiring.


Though Amalie hit her lowest weight in 2013, she refuses to disclose the actual number so it doesn't trigger others fighting the disease.

In fact, she was worried that posting pictures of herself at her lowest weights would also trigger those who struggle with body dysmorphia.

Those with anorexia can often see weight loss as a contest, and hearing someone's weight can give them a new number to try and "beat." It's a dangerous endeavor, to be sure. Like many who suffer from eating disorders, Amalie craved the control her anorexia gave her. She was able to decide every detail of her diet, including what, when, and how much she ate.

Eventually, Amalie decided she had enough. She says there wasn't a specific tipping point that made her choose recovery; it came about for several small reasons. 

She sought outpatient treatment and began eating over 3000 calories per day in order to start gaining weight. 

Hoping to inspire others who struggle with eating disorders, she decided to share her road to recovery on Instagram. She posts pictures of herself gaining weight, filling out the body that she spent so much time starving.

She also posts pictures of food, mostly making healthy choices, and eating in healthy quantities. 

She also loves posting about the sweets and treats that she spent so much time denying to herself. Her posts usually come with a message of inspiration to her followers, hoping to reach others who think they are in control, yet are gripped by this real, yet treatable, disease.

As she happily gained weight, she kept posting selfies that celebrated her now-healthy frame, and encourages her 54,000 followers to love their bodies as she now finally loves hers.

Continue reading to see her jaw-dropping results. 

No longer suffering from her anorexia, Amalie looks amazing:

She also posts side-by-side comparisons to remind herself and her followers how far she has come, and encouraging the happiness that can only come from truly loving oneself. 

"I have gained so much over the last 12 months. I have gained hope and dreams for the future. I have gained confidence and femininity," she writes. "I have gained back the ability to feel; both sadness and happiness. I have gained body fat, muscles, bone mass and organs. I have gained knowledge and experience. I have gained back my personality. I have gained life. No wonder there had to be more of me to house all of this!"

Anyone currently suffering from anorexia who wishes to seek treatment and start their own journey to recovery is encouraged to find a support group near them.

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[H/T: New York Post]


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