Amazing Backwards-Talking Girl Can Say Any Word In Reverse, Instantly.

Now, you try.

Meet Alyssa. She can hear any word and immediately reverse it in her head, and say it out loud, backwards. The 2012 video of her performing this amazingly cool trick was filmed in Poteau, Oklahoma, but has resurfaced on Reddit today, giving her another boost of much-deserved Internet fame.

In the video, Alyssa is asked to repeat words like Siamese, Lamborghini, corn nuts and Burger King. She repeats each backwards, without missing a beat: esemaiS, inihgrobmaL, stun nroc, gniK regruB. 

It's almost like she has some weird superhero power. 

Alyssa even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to show off her "power." Needlessly to say, he was impressed. 

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