Mormon Mom Selflessly Reveals The Story Of Her Late-Term Abortion To Counter False Narratives

“No woman should have to have the state have a say in the most painful decision she will ever make.”

Of all of the tweet-able phrases and creative hashtags that emerged from the final presidential debate of 2016, there was one moment with a serious issue that may have been overlooked — until one brave mom spoke out about it on social media.

While addressing late-term abortions, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, "in the ninth month you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother."

First, there are no ninth month abortions. And although there are some late-term abortions, they are nothing like what Trump described. That's what motivated Alyson Draper of Utah to set the record straight on the issue in a viral Facebook post on Wednesday night.

Draper, who is Mormon, wrote about her experience of having a late-term abortion. Utah is home to some of the strictest anti-abortion laws, including a law requiring doctors to provide anesthesia to women having abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy or later.


"I lay on the hospital floor, bawling hysterically, for twelve hours, waiting for an ethics committee of the health care corporation to decide my case justified what had to be done," Draper wrote on Facebook. "My health was in danger due to the dead fetus. My husband and I consulted our LDS Bishop, who assured me I needed to do what I had to do, that it was even within LDS guidelines to do so. He reminded me I had six kids at home who needed their mother to live."

Although Draper described the ordeal as terrible, she said that the procedure was done gently and quickly by Caesarean section.

As of October 18, her Facebook post has received nearly 63,000 shares.

After giving his false description of a late-term abortion, Trump pledged that he would appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade and then "the states will then make a determination."

Putting decisions regarding women's health in the hands of states has proven to be disastrous, as many states have passed laws in recent years that severely restrict abortions. That's why it is always refreshing to have women like Draper speak out about their right to choose.

"No woman should have to have the state have a say in the most painful decision she will ever make," Draper wrote on Facebook. "Please don't vote for a candidate or a party that would make these decisions for the women who will die or be forced to carry unviable fetuses to term. Only the parents of the baby and a physician should be involved in the decision."

A Plus reached out to Draper for a comment.

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