Their All-Autism Wedding Proves That Everyone Deserves To Be Loved

Truly awe-inspiring.

Anita Lesko and Abraham Nielson wanted their wedding to be special. Since both Leko and Nielson have autism, they determined to share their special day with the entire world.


That’s why they threw an ‘all-autism’ wedding.

"Abraham and I have a mission in life to change the world's view of autism," Lesko said to ABC News. "We wanted to make this public to show that people on the spectrum have the needs for love, relationships, and marriage."

Nielson and Lesko first met in their home state of Florida last year.

After their first dinner date, they developed instant romantic chemistry.

"We got into these big conversations about our feelings, our emotions and our loneliness issues. That was the night that we fell in love with each other," Lesko said to People. "After we left the restaurant, we drove down a pier near the baseball stadium, where they happened to be shooting off fireworks."

Their wedding took place this past Sunday at the Love & Autism conference in San Diego, California. Nicknamed 'A Conference With heart', this is an annual event that promotes love and connection for people with autism spectrum disorders.

"I want people to know that people with autism have real emotions, and that I'm going to cry on my wedding day," Lesko said to People. "We may not tend to show emotions like other people do, but inside, we're feeling the same thing – sometimes even more."

185 guests attended the 'all-autism' wedding. The ceremony and reception featured all of the usual trimmings of a traditional wedding, with one special feature.

The entire wedding party featured people with autism spectrum disorders.

This groomsmen, flower girls, the DJ, the classical harpist, the officiant all had autism disorders. There was even a 12-year-old girl with autism who baked a three-layer wedding cake.

"The message is so positive and this community wants to stand by our message," Dr. Palimiotto, who planned the wedding and the conference, said to The Mighty.

(H/T: ABC News)


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