This Excellent Animated Short Film Shows How Society Can Affect Your Creativity

"When you are a father, you often wonder what the best thing is for your children."

This 3-D-animated short film titled Alike shows us what can happen when creativity is stifled instead of embraced. 

The film follows Copi and his son, Paste, who he is trying to raise on the right path. They live in a bleak, late-capitalist dystopian city where its inhabitants are conditioned to follow the system. It's so depressing that save for grays, browns, blacks, there are few colors to be seen. 

Copi spends his days at work filing paperwork like everyone else at his company while Paste is asked to write the alphabet over and over at school. Paste's childlike creativity inspires him to draw on the alphabet pages or design his own playful fonts instead. In his mundane society, Paste's creativity is met with disappointment. That is until his father realizes there may be a better way. You'll notice that not one single word of dialogue is uttered throughout the entire film, but the message is loud and clear. 

After more than four years of labor, Alike was created by Madrid-based animators Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. The directors also enlisted the help of former students from Pepe-School-Land, where Lara teaches. It was developed using the operating system Linux and open-source 3-D computer graphics software Blender as the primary tool for modeling, animating, composing, and editing.  

The filmmakers were inspired to create the short because of their own fatherhood experiences. 

"Children turn your world upside down," Lara said in a making-of video. "When you are a father, you often wonder what the best thing is for your children. This short intends to a reflection in that sense." 


You can watch "Alike" in the video below:

Learn more about how this film was made in the video below:

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