Boxer Proves Muscles Aren't Just For Men, And That 'Strong Is The New Sexy'

"You shouldn't be fearful of making your body strong."

Growing up, Alicia "The Empress" Napoleon's grandfather told her she was beautiful — but only from the waist up. 

"But forget it, your legs down, they're too big. Your legs are too big," Napoleon says, remembering her grandfather's words. 

But Napoleon says there was a part of her that didn't care what her grandfather thought about her looks. And now, the professional boxer's speaking with Allure magazine and StyleLikeU to dispel beauty myths surrounding women's muscles and prove that strong is the new sexy. 

In fourth grade, Napoleon says, people used to make fun of her for the way she looked, and boys never saw her as someone they wanted to date.

"Without that adversity, I wouldn't be as strong as I am today," she says.

Through sharing her story, including her career as a fighter, Napoleon also offers advice to those watching, particularly women.


"Some girls are intimidated, they don't want to get too involved in a sport 'cause they're scared of looking muscular or masculine. You shouldn't be fearful of making your body strong. It's a beautiful thing."

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