15 Photos That Prove Alfred Hitchcock Was More Fly Than Biggie And Tupac

He's a straight-up gangsta.

Long before Tupac and Biggie were born, filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was basically the most badass person on the planet. Audiences may remember Hitchcock for his suspenseful movies, but it turns out that Hitchcock behind the camera was legendary. Hitchcock certainly wasn't afraid to be doing totally outrageous and ridiculous things when the cameras were turned on him.

Here are 15 photos that prove that Alfred Hitchcock was the original badass that everyone should talk about:


1. He's ready to rock.

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2. Lighting matches with no consequences.

Alfred Hitchcock promotional photograph 1956.

3. This is how he lifts weights.

Hitchcock working out.

4. He wins an award and steals it like nobody's business.

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5. He knows how to shoot a gun.

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6. He ain't afraid to be downright scary.

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7. His pranks are just insane.

Alfred Hitchcock playing a prank on his wife, Alma.

8. He knows how to have the most fun.

This is awesome. Alfred Hitchcock and kids on a sleigh ride.

9. He isn't afraid to have tea with a lion.

Alfred Hitchcock serving tea to Leo the Lion, the mascot for MGM Studios.

10. He's a wanted man and he doesn't care.

I feel ya Hitchcock, I feel ya

11. Even the birds love him.

Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

12. He's not afraid to drown.

Nothing to see here, just Alfred Hitchcock laying in the Thames.

13. He's basically like the fifth Beatle.

Alfred Hitchcock, the 5th Beatle. Or Moe Howard.

14. Look at how cool this is.

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15. His ride is already pimp.

Alfred Hitchcock looking pretty fly in a go-kart


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