A 9-Year-Old Directed And Photographed Her Mom's Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot

"She told me I look like a butterfly goddess."

Moms-to-be often take part in a maternity photo shoot to capture the joy and love for her family and the coming baby. During these shoots, a photographer works to make the mother feel comfortable so that the special dynamic can be captured. 

But mom Alexandra Elle did not need to get familiar with her maternity shoot photographer at all, as she already knew her very, very well. 


That's because her 9-year-old daughter, Char, took her pregnancy photos.

After the shoot, Elle shared the photos on Twitter explaining that her young daughter directed and photographed the shoot all by herself. The stunning images show the expectant mom wearing a white slip dress and cradling her bump. Her hair is braided and she has butterflies decorating the updo.

Elle revealed that her daughter approved of the look. The mom wrote, "She told me I look like a butterfly goddess."

Since the photos were shared on October 14, they have gone viral, and have been retweeted almost 8,000 times with over 27,700 likes.

Twitter users are appreciating Char's photography skills while commenting how beautiful the photo shoot was.

Cosmopolitan reported that Char herself is pleased with the results. Elle said, "She has seen the response [to the photos] and she smiled big when I showed her. She's very proud of her work!"


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