Short Film Shows This Guy's Endeavor Trying To Recover The Number Of A Girl He Met At A Bar

How far would you go for love?

Imagine it's Thursday night, and you and your buddies hit the local pub for a weekly trivia night that you've gotten so good at, your names are engraved in the plaque that hangs behind the bar.

Competition is fierce. Questions and answers bounce back and forth like Ping-Pong balls on fire.

And there it is, the question you've been waiting for this entire evening. A fact so obscure, there's no way anyone else in here could know it but you.

But you're wrong. There is someone. Your match is a gorgeous young woman who seems to enjoy the same weird stuff as you do. Oh, and look — she's giving you her number! Sparks are flying around and chemistry between you is so thick you can slice it with a knife.

You're definitely going to call her ...


... or are you?

This new short film by Alexander Engel titled "Digits" follows a comedic story of a guy who found himself in the exact situation described above.

Keith, an underwater life enthusiast, meets this girl Aimee at a trivia night. They connect over a question about antique whalebone garments. She writes her number on a beer coaster, but the force doesn't seem to be strong with Keith and he loses its last two last.

FAIL, right? Not necessarily.

Keith decides to do everything it takes to contact Aimee. Even if it means trying out hundreds of combinations to finally get the right one.

He relentlessly dials the phone hoping to hear Aimee's voice on the other end.

Engel's short film is a mixture of comedy, absurdity, and even tragedy as it questions our everlasting endeavors to find love.

Just like Keith, we often give up right when things become a little too complicated. We are no longer willing to work hard for a relationship to last. But there is no denying that once we do, we reap the benefits for life.

Check out this short film and ponder: When was the last time you really went the extra mile for someone you love?


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