She Was Told To ‘Dial Down The Feminism’ In Her Art. Her Response Got A Roar Of Approval.

“Today I showed him my newest piece.”

As an art student in London, Alex Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes is used to a certain level of criticism. But when one of her art teachers advised her to "dial down the feminism" in her work, she knew it wasn't a critique worth listening to.

Instead, 23-year-old Bertulis-Fernandes took that advice and quite literally made art out of it, which is now going viral. She shared the result on Twitter yesterday, February 7, explaining that the new piece was a direct result of the feedback from said instructor. "Last week one of my art teachers suggested I 'dial down the feminism,' " she wrote. "Today I showed him my newest piece."

Along with the caption, Bertulis-Fernandes included a look at her latest creation — what appears to be a digital image of a dial. To the left of the dial is the phrase "Complicit in my own dehumanisation," while on the right side it says, "Raging feminist," with the dial is turned all the way to the right. Slightly above the dial, the advice Bertulis-Fernandes' teacher gave her — "Dial down the feminism" — appears in larger, bold lettering. 

While this latest piece in probably not what Bertulis-Fernandes' teacher had in mind, the work has earned her plenty of praise on social media. One user called it "damn brilliant" while another said it was "art done right." In fact, several people even asked if they could purchase a print of the piece.

In response to the outpouring of support, Bertulis-Fernandes shared a subsequent message on Twitter on February 8 thanking people for their encouraging words. "Thanks for all the love shown to this piece, it really means the world. I'm a bit overwhelmed so it may take me some time to respond to everyone!" she wrote. "I'm considering selling prints/t-shirts — just trying to figure out the best way to do this."

Fans of this piece might be pleased to know that, as her teacher intimated, much of Bertulis-Fernandes' other work has a feminist bend. An ad she made for pap smears boldly declares "Nobody's ever died of embarrassment" while also including startling facts and figures about how embarrassment has been shown to delay potentially lifesaving pap smears for a third of British women.

Though Bertulis-Fernandes' teacher might not appreciate her work, it certainly wasn't his place impose his own opinion and tell her she should change how she expresses herself artistically. It's clear she's creating pieces that are meant to inspire and empower women and we hope she never stops, especially given the underrepresentation of female artists.

(H/T: The Daily Dot)

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