Aleppo's Mayor Has A Simple, Humanitarian Plea For EU Leaders

The fragile ceasefire in eastern Aleppo could crumble any moment.

On Thursday, a fragile ceasefire allowed civilians and rebels to evacuate eastern Aleppo, a city assailed by pro-Assad forces. It is the second effort in two days to save those remaining in the rebel-held east; on Wednesday, militia fighters affiliated with the government, reportedly unhappy with the ceasefire deal, opened fire on those being transported out of the city.

For now, the current ceasefire seems to have held up, but there's no telling if it will last as long as planned. In a last-ditch effort to engage world leaders in the war-torn city's latest plight, the mayor of eastern Aleppo, Brita Hagi Hasan, headed to a summit in Brussels to implore European leaders to ensure the safe passage of the remaining civilians trapped there. 

He is set to deliver his testimony at the summit to leaders of the 28 EU member states, European Council president Donald Tusk and European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker.

On Wednesday, he issued a message to EU leaders pleading for their help with safeguarding the evacuation passageway.

His message read: 

I do not ask you to save our narrow streets, our markets, our walls, they are gone. I do not ask you to save the deceased souls, they are gone. I do not ask you to save the freedom, it's gone. I ask for something more. I ask you to save the rest of our lives, our women and children, by opening a corridor.  


While things move gradually in the world of diplomacy, the urgency and simplicity in his message underlined how dire the situation in eastern Aleppo is. The ceasefire is expected to last three days and ensure the evacuation of thousands of Syrians. 

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