How to Buy Concert Tickets Online

You want to enjoy the convenience of buying concert tickets online? Many people do. But in the end, only the smartest "hunters" win.

Gone are the days when you had to order concert tickets by mail or telephone. Now that the Internet has made things much easier, you could get your tickets right from the comfort of your home or office.

However, ordering tickets on the Internet isn't as easy as it sounds. Nobody wants to go back to those strenuous old days of joining long queues or repeatedly dialing the ticketing agency's telephone number for hours. So, just as you want to enjoy the convenience of buying online, many others also share that aim. And in the end, only the smartest "hunters" win.

Fortunately, this post explains how you can easily buy concert tickets online.

1. Decide on the artiste you want to see

It goes without saying, but your first step is to know whose concert you want to attend. This is not the time to give yourself multiple options—unless you want to complicate things for yourself. So, decide on only one of your favorite artistes.

Many artistes offer presale to members of their fan club. So, if you belong to the fan club of the artiste you want to see, you might be able to get your concert ticket earlier, more easily, and at a cheaper price. This might be enough reason for you to join the fan clubs of all your favorite artistes.

2. Get details of the next concert

Having decided on the artiste you would love to watch live, visit their Facebook fan page or other social media platforms to find information on the date and venue of their next concert. Alternatively, you can visit the artiste's official website—use Google to find it if you don't know it.

Take some time to look at the concert's schedule. Is the venue somewhere you can reach comfortably? And are you sure you have no serious commitments on the same date? If you're fine with the schedule, then start your ticket hunt immediately.

3. Visit the venue website

Since you already know where the concert is taking place, visit the venue website to see if there is any information on the concert. Most of the time, tickets can be purchased directly on such websites. If the ticket you're looking to buy is listed, then pull out your credit card and make your purchase.

However, if the website doesn't list the concert tickets for sale, it could be that the website doesn't sell tickets directly, all tickets have been sold out, or tickets are not yet available because the concert date is still far away.

In any case, you should get helpful information from that website. If tickets are not sold on the website or are sold out already, chances are you'll be directed to other specified places where you can get the tickets online. Visit those places and make your purchase.

4. Buy from the secondary market

Sometimes, you won't be able to buy concert tickets directly from authorized sellers. In such instances, you'll have to turn to the secondary market—online marketplaces where people who have already bought the tickets are looking to sell them for higher prices.

And yes, you'll have to pay more when buying from the secondary market. EBay is also a good place to buy concert tickets online, but the difference here is that products are sold via auctions. So, you might have to place expensive bids to get concert tickets there.


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